‘I’m Going to Sleep as Soon as My Head Hits the Pillow’

The words are said with a smile, a head tilted against shoulder, a yawn. She means what she says but the truth is rather different. It's too dark, or too quiet, or maybe too hot, and she chases her sleep across pillows, delirious and desperate. I spent the night in a hotel. There are some... Continue Reading →



I think it’s like a dance. The way you feel When the car connects to the road Connects to you,                 That’s how it feels                 To hold a pen between my fingers                 And watch it glide across the paper. In those moments, I am the music that they dance to,      ... Continue Reading →

The Mirror of Truth

If only the queen had had a vanity mirror to tell her she was fair; Snow White would never need die. People who need to affirm that they're pretty, don't want the truth, just a lie.

How Cold You Feel

The curtains are still open, the dark pouring in. On the ceiling, the Christmas decorations glimmer, turning with a gentle breeze that cannot be seen. It's quiet. The news reporter drones on, more thievery and injuries and nameless bodies found, another family in mourning. Still, it's quiet. My sister sniffles once, or twice, dabbing at... Continue Reading →

Jokes on Me

You think words can't hurt but you've never felt their sting - Learn to take a joke, Shannon they slither up my skin, or down my throat, or sit on my chest like a gremlin thing. You're suppose to smile, Shannon And when I sleep, I see them plastered on my eyelids reminding me, always... Continue Reading →

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